Wrath of the Fallen was born from the Combat Brigades of Fort Riley, KS, and co-founded on a chance encounter between Jason Pollard and Robert Gaines, later completing the lineup with Geoffrey Vaught, Michael Uhlig and Zach Thompson. Wrath of the Fallen rises with musical brutality and undying passion to bring you their style of raw, unfabricated Metal. With over 10 years of Combat tours between all the original members, there is no lack of inspiration, bringing you songs fueled by War, Suffering, Loss, Tragedy, Betrayal, Struggle and of course, Death itself. So many other bands out there are writing about the same stuff, but have they experienced it?

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Quez Sparks is a very talented up & coming rapper who possess unparalleled awareness and intelligence, masterfully crafting his verses with his original style. In a short period of time, he has turned heads and made impressions. Add in a couple impromptu, energetic and crowd pleasing performances at this years Rockstock, as well as rocking the mic at Prohibition Hall for the Coast to Coast Mix Tapes Artist Showcase, and its plain to see, all of his potential for greater things. Quez Sparks is also an Army Veteran, avid reader, traveler, and seeker of greater knowledge. Anyone who has been around him, even just once, knows he is a spiritual and enlightened person, and his path is clear. You can find one of his mixtape's floating around and expect an official release soon.

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$kitzo Jay spawned from the 2727 B.C. sessions around the time he was rapping and screaming for Waffle Stomp. Although he is shifting more towards producing, $kitzo Jay does like to jump on a verse, but he also loves to play Metal, and Classical Piano, and pretty much every other instrument and genre, the one exception being Opera, which coincidently, makes him a musical schizophrenic. Oh so you thought he was really just crazy, well he is.

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